At your fingertips

Real Time Accounting Records

As a professional property management company, we keep your rental income safely in RE/MAX Crest Realty trust account before disbursing the money to you every month. You can access your updated and accurate financial report anytime online through our Owners Portal. Your secure and password protected account has full and detailed records of all business income and expenditure, such as receipts, expense invoices, payments in and out, etc. You can download the document to share with your accountant. This centralized accounting and reporting system helps you to keep all your rental property financial information organized in one place.

No more waiting

Real Time Cash Tracking

Timely collection of rent money is important to your cashflow. We collect the rent every month and deposit it into your account expeditiously. Our collection processes are systematic, and notices will be sent out to the tenants if they were ever late. We update the status of rent collection online. No more waiting for monthly statements in the mail or email or making local or international calls for updates. Owners can easily review the rent rolls from the Owners Portal, this is convenient feature to know where your money is coming from especially if you have multiple properties.

No more chasing after rent

Rent Collection Made Easy

Meeting up with numerous tenants on rent day is not always easy. With the various work schedules, appointments, grocery shopping, work, and school, it is difficult to catch every person at home when it is time to pick up the money. Yolk Home Rental made it easy for you. Under our management, tenants are offered a variety of ways to pay rent. They can pay with Pre-Authorized Debit, cheques, bank draft or money order, and cash. This is to ensure that you can get your money as quickly as possible.  In addition, we treat each tenant respectfully and fairly, as a positive relationship with a tenant leads to timely rent payments as well as better care for your property.

24/7 staffed emergency hotline

Property Maintenance

As a landlord that owns many properties or works another full-time job, it can be difficult to take care of emergency problems and routine maintenance at rental properties. Yolk Home Rental handles the day-to-day logistics of owning property. Our trusted trades people can handle anything from fixing a leaking faucet to repairing the leaky roof, from handling pest control to painting a wall. This leaves the owner free to see to other important matters with the peace of mind knowing that their rental properties are being taken well care of. Yolk Home Rental serves as a liaison between the landlord and the tenant. When the owner is not in town, there are no delays with repair issues because we will take care of the problem immediately with 24/7 staffed emergency hotline.

We also have online portal for each tenant. Tenants can create repair and maintenance requests and check the work status through Tenants Portal anytime. Our efficient communication systems help us being a responsive property management company.

Low Turnover Rate

Rental Marketing

Yolk Home Rental focus on getting you long-term tenants to keep the turnover rate low and your cashflow positive. We would like to emphasize that your rental property is a business operation and expenses such as turnover and maintenance should be budgeted. Turnover expenses can be as easy as cleaning or caulking. Yolk Home Rental strongly recommend owners to rekey the unit each time there is a new tenant. Sometimes, the unit should be repainted to attract new tenants. Other items not working properly should also be fixed before rental marketing takes place. To keep the income flowing the right way, we work to turnover properties as fast as they can within reason. We list your rental properties on free and paid channels at our cost. In addition, we have a Tenant Newsletter that sends out our current rental listing to prospective tenants.

We pay for credit reports

Tenant Screening

After showing renters the unit, we may receive applications. We will process them in 1 to 2 days. We will select candidates according to background credentials and the credit reports from trustworthy source. We pay for the credit reports. While we will communicate with you, we cannot share any of their private data including credit report with you due to privacy reasons. We know it is important to have good tenants and you are hiring for our judgement at this stage, so please trust us during this process. Once approved, the lease will be prepared and sent out for signature. We will verify the tenant’s identity when we collect the deposit(s).

Detect violations and/or crime

Yearly Inspection and Officer Inspection Program

Yolk Home Rental management fee includes a yearly inspection conducted by our property management team. In addition, we offer an add-on service called Officer Inspection Program. This program is designed to effectively detect any violations of the material terms in the tenancy agreement. None of our rental units permits smoking and growing of marijuana. By informing the tenants that the unit will be inspected by retired law enforcement officers every quarter will greatly decrease the possibility of violations or crime. The valuable program is optional.