We know that maintenance and renting of your unit can be very time consuming if you choose to do it yourself. Managing your own property is challenging. Can you find a good tenant that pays on time? What do you do if your tenant violates important terms in lease agreement? Can you keep up with ever changing tenant related laws? Who answers the phone at night in case of emergency? Who can you rely on when there is a need to evict the tenant? Free up your time and reduce your stress level by letting us take care of the day to day property management tasks.

Yolk Home Rental is dedicated to simple communication and to being professional. Your return of investment (ROI) is solely dependent on your well-maintained rental property and the quality of your tenants. We take care of tenants by responding to the maintenance requests fast and by keeping you informed about your property. We have Tenants Portal to receive requests and Owners Portal to keep you updated on property activity, including financial reports. Whether you live a few blocks from your rental property or overseas, you can surely monitor the activity of your property from the convenience of your computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year anywhere in the world. In addition, we have dedicated telephone numbers for your need and your tenants’ needs.

We treat your rental property investment like one of our own and we can provide you with data driven market analysis for free. Explore why you should choose us below and contact us today! For more information on the outstanding services we provide and a free rent assessment, please call 778-381-6180 today!


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