Before We Can Manage Your Property

As owners of rental properties, you are running a business. You should expect that there will be costs in maintenance and repairs to ensure that your properties are kept in good shape while providing a safe and comfortable home for the renters. As your property management company, Yolk Home Rental strongly recommend that you agree to your rental unit be re-keyed every time there is a new tenant, especially if it was previously tenanted. We should also have a set of keys before the management service begins.

Before We Can Start Rental Marketing

Before photos are taken, we will survey the unit and identify areas for improvement, including repaint the unit in neutral colours and furnish it with enough window coverings. We want to rent out your unit as soon as possible and the most efficient way is to make your unit move-in-ready at the beginning.

You Have to Budget for Maintenance and Repair Costs

Home owners should budget 1% to 3% of home value as maintenance and repairs costs. We will arrange our authorized trades people to take care of your properties. We do not take a maintenance reserve fund from you, instead, we pay the trades people first and deduct the expenses from the rent. There is no markup on trade services.

Regular Maintenance Requirements

To keep your rental property running smoothly, regular maintenance should be done. If your furnace/heating and gutter/drainage have not been service within 1 year prior to our management, we require these be serviced immediately once tenanted. Other recommendations include caulking to prevent water leaks.

Home Maintenance Categories and the Recommended Service Frequency

Yolk Home Rental treats your income properties like one of our own. Therefore, we recommend the following frequency for servicing each category.

                REQUIRED EVERY TWO YEARS:                          (1) Furnace/Heating; (2) Gutter/Drainage

                RECOMMENDED EVERTY THREE YEARS:       (1) Painting; (2) Plumbing; (3) Electrical; (4) A/C

We manage your properties responsibly by taking care of maintenance and emergency repairs. We believe by being a caring property management company, we can help you keep long term tenant and stable stream of income.