Jenny Wu

As a Licensed Property Manager, I have in-dept knowledge of the residential rental business. I treat my clients’ properties like one of my own. I have helped my clients in finding new tenants and in managing their rental condo, house, and suites. I maintain good relationships with the owners and the tenants by being responsive and caring. Yolk Home Rental have robust portals for the owners and the tenants and we are here 24/7 to answer emergency calls. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 778-776-7190 if you have any questions.

Dear Realtors,

Do you want an excellent way to keep your clients for the long run? By making Yolk Home Rental as an extension of your team, you are adding the services you can provide for your clients and keeping them in case of a future sale. In addition, you will receive a gift from us at the end of the year.

We make agent referrals simple. If your clients have just bought rental investment properties, refer them to us and we will refer them back to you when the owners consider selling.

We make our fee structure simple. There are two services we offer. We charge for every time a new tenant is acquire and a low management fee for ongoing 24/7 property management. There is also an optional Officer Inspection Program. We do not have any hidden fees. The owners pay what we pay the tradespeople without any service surcharge. There is no maintenance deposit to be paid to us.

We make our communication simple. The owner can access financial reports online anytime and the tenants can also access agreements through online portal. The quality of service we provide is excellent and will make your clients happy landlords.

Thank you for considering Yolk Home Rental to be your partner in your business. Get in touch with us today!

Best Regards,
Jenny Wu

Office : 778-776-7190

Fax : 604-602-9191